Tales From the Nursery

Tales From the Nursery: The Toddler Years

How often many of us, looking at screaming and capricious in the store children, thought that, unlike their calm parents, they would quickly find justice for a small extortionist. Or, on the contrary, seeing how mom slaps or shouts at her child, they thought that she was an unbalanced hysterical woman who had attacked the “little angel”. However, the ideal method of education, clearly adhering to which you can raise a happy, loving person doesn’t exist. Otherwise, all the people around would be perfectly educated. Nevertheless, child psychology as a science is able to answer most of the parental questions related to education. To create the necessary atmosphere for raising a child, parents often have to work primarily on themselves. It is hard work, but it’s worth it. If you are already on this path, the tips below will be very helpful.

Babies from birth to the year: more love and affection

It is important to understand how important love at this age is. It would seem that a baby is quite little, what can he or she understand? Psychologists say that a very significant foundation of trust forms up to a year. Don’t worry when you become a “witch” for your baby: this will happen anyway, as this is a natural moment. When you can’t help your baby and feel completely helpless, don’t scream, don’t put out the anger, just accept it. Remember that it is hard not only for you. And, of course, forgive yourself: there are no omnipotent people. S you know, cortisol is a hormone produced under stress to adapt to changing conditions. It is very harmful to babies. Therefore, the only educational strategy possible at this age is to love your babies and protect them from various problems.

Toddlers from one to three years: don’t fall for provocations

The behavior of a toddler at this age varies somewhat: it seems to many people that toddlers are trying to do everything to drive their parents crazy. A child may be capricious, breaks things, demands, and starts scandals. And here, many parents make the main mistake: they are trying to literally make a robot out of this little person. Another important building block in the mental health of a child is the will, which is formed at this age. It is important not to completely suppress the initiative of a little person – this contributes to his or her independence in decision-making. Therefore, the right decision at this age will give them an opportunity to show themselves. Just don’t be fooled by their scandals but don’t beat toddlers in the case of another hysterical scene. Watch and keep calm.

Children from three to five: protect but don’t interfere with the development

At this age, children develop sociability: it is necessary to communicate not only with parents but also with peers. So, you should understand that a small group of friends will appear in your son or daughter circle. Your important task at this stage of development is to inculcate communication skills so that your child can become aware of and accept social rules and norms. And he or she must learn it by themselves because it is very hard to impose it on little children.

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