Tales From the Nursery

Tales From the Nursery: The Toddler Years

You love each other and everything is perfect. You are going to have a baby and this time is filled with positive feelings between partners, but, at the same time, it adds some difficulties. Therefore, planning a pregnancy, it is worthwhile to think of many things over and ask yourself questions that will help you understand: are you ready for such a turn in life? Moreover, both future parents must do this.

1. Why do you want this?

The reasons for dreaming about a baby can be completely different: from the wish to have everything, “like everyone else”, to the wish to finally get power over anyone. It is clear that neither the first nor the second wish is connected with love, care and motive to make a little person happy. Future parents, planning to have a baby, often pursue only selfish goals and don’t think what the results they will have. And, of course, in this case, they don’t think that a baby will also need something. If you realize that the impulsive wish to have kids is related to your personal problems, perhaps you should fix your life first?

2. Will you be able to provide all that is needed?

Money and everything that is related to it should be considered by all parents because a kid is not only new joys and great happiness but also significant costs that can prevent this happiness from being enjoyed. Before you decide to have a baby, you should compare your material resources with those items of expenditure, the emergence of which is unavoidable due to the needs of a newborn. Therefore, both future parents need to prepare themselves well in order to meet all the difficulties with optimism. The child needs calm, wise, healthy and happy parents.

3. Do you have someone who you can rely on?

Here is one of the most important factors that make life a little easier and more pleasant. Of course, you can raise kids alone. But if you now have loved ones who are willing to help with household chores and many other things, this is another reason for not postponing thoughts about parenting. Agree that having such support, you know that you can always rely on it. It might seem easy to you, but actually, you will be very tired. If someone can help, don’t refuse.

4. Do you agree to give up your own interests?

Many can’t get used to the thought that they will have to forget about many things when the “result of their love” appears. Future mothers are planning to continue to meet with friends in a cafe, putting the baby in a sling or stroller, work from home, and devote a lot of time to themselves and their appearance. Future dads believe that caring for the baby will fall on the shoulders of their wives, which means that nothing will disturb their sleep and will not take time for work or entertainment. You need to bear the thought that it is not so. Yes, there are calm kids. But in most cases, the first months of life are the lack of proper sleep and nutrition for both parents, no personal time, and, of course, a complete rejection of parties, guests,singles online, and most entertainments.